Internship programme for three months

Samparc India is organising an internship programme for three months starting from
1st December 2020. Interns are supposed to do research, analysis and data
management on the social, political and economical issues of various regions. They
will get to learn election management and will be working with the policymakers of
India. Public Relations skills will be key in this internship programme. Interns will get
a “Certificate of Acknowledgement” at the end of the internship.

The age group of 17- 22 years old people will be preferred. Candidates, who have
graduated or are in their second and final year, are supposed to fill this form. The
selection will be done on the basis of the interview and the three necessary questions
mentioned in Google Form. It will be either an interview at workplace or video
conference. The last date for the submission of form is 25th November 2020.
Interviews will be held from 26th- 29th November 2020. The Internship will begin on
1st December 2020 onwards. The work will be done from home during Corona

Interested candidates

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