Indian Politics and politicians are in the new era where Public Interaction doesn’t only mean to do social ork but also demands the dedication of candidate towards the pubilc.

Consider the biggest reason for the popularity of the Prime Minister, who communicates with the public about 3 to 4 times in a month, if not public dialogue, then what is?

People’s dialogue but do not have their say, good leaders listen to the public and speak. But does a leader have any aggregate data for each village in his/her Assembly/Lok Sabha constituency? The answer is no.

Imagine a leader addressing a group of people in a village, he knows the problems of that village and also knows the names and problems of some people. He should also know what he has done for them. So how effective will his speech be?

Samparc India starts from here, it is not like any other PR agency which makes strategy first, Samparc India after a deep study of the political climate of India understood that the politics of local issues and social concerns in the past years has been completely different. Even today many local issues are very important to the public.

Samparc India makes strategies for its clients based on local issues, caste equations, etc., by studying them. So that when our clients go in public, they know local issues, caste equations and even the names of the general public. Because this is classic politics, this is the political future…